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Terms and Conditions for Payment to Bitcoin Address:
By submitting a payment to the provided Bitcoin address, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

All payments must be made in Bitcoin (BTC) and sent to the specified address accurately. Any transaction fees incurred during the payment process are the responsibility of the payer.
Payments made to the Bitcoin address are non-refundable and non-reversible. Once the payment is sent, it cannot be retrieved or refunded under any circumstances.
The payer acknowledges that they are solely responsible for ensuring the accuracy of the payment details, including the correct Bitcoin address and payment amount.
The recipient will not be held liable for any errors made by the payer, such as sending an incorrect payment amount or using an incorrect Bitcoin address.
The recipient reserves the right to verify and confirm the receipt of the payment before proceeding with any agreed-upon goods, services, or transactions.
The payer acknowledges that the use of Bitcoin involves certain risks, including but not limited to price volatility and potential transaction delays. The recipient is not responsible for any losses or damages resulting from such risks.
Any disputes or discrepancies arising from payments made to the Bitcoin address shall be resolved through good faith negotiations between the payer and the recipient.
By proceeding with the payment to the provided Bitcoin address, you affirm that you have read, understood, and agreed to these terms and conditions.